Charleston ranks number ten in the country for small business shopping

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Charleston was recently included on Yelp’s Top 20 Cities to Shop Local in 2018 list.

The Carolinas came in strong with the city of Charleston ranking number ten in the entire country and Asheville, N.C. earning second place.

Shoppers like Marina Branner say they are not surprised by the ranking.

“I like shopping in smaller places because when you go to a large store everyone has the same thing,” Branner says.

During this week’s Small Business Saturday, small-town stores in the holy city showed what makes them special.

“As popular as Charleston is, it’s a small town feel still. You have repeat business and know people by their first names, you get to catch up with them when they come in,” Sarah Howell, an Apricot Lane Associate says.

Howell says the customers that come in to Apricot Lane usually come back, sometimes even a few times a week.

“It’s been busy today, we had a lot people who were here thanksgiving, black Friday, and came back again today,” Howell says.

Some of the small businesses say they also participate in cyber Monday, giving those who missed out on Saturday’s sales another chance.

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