Record-breaking high tide causes significant flooding in Charleston area

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Charleston Police say roads are now open after flooding shut down several streets in downtown Charleston on Saturday morning.

An astronomical high tide of 8.76 made it the sixth highest tide in the Charleston Harbor.

People taking a drive or walk around downtown Charleston might have noticed some road blocks.

Rich Cress is visiting from Colorado.

"This morning has been a little hazardous," Cress said. "I understand it's the Lowcountry so you're going to have problems. The infrastructure I think could be a little better when it comes to water run off. There's an awful amount of water here that's standing."

Cress and other tourists had an unexpected wet morning stroll.

Karen Massey was also visiting from Colorado.

"We were wanting to walk around and get some exercise and everywhere we go it's flooded, and a lot of cars coming by and splashing us so we've been doing the dance trying to get across the town," Massey said.

Other parts of the Charleston area flooded as well including areas in Mount Pleasant, Folly Beach and more.

"It's amazing, the parking lots, the cars are up to their hubcaps," Massey said. "It's amazing to see how much water there is."

And while it floods often in Charleston the high tide left behind more water than some locals anticipated.

Bethea Long lives in Charleston.

"Typically this is about the same it would be during a hurricane, minus the surge, it's generally the same just all depends on the moon," Long said. "Everytime there's a full moon you can expect to not drive downtown because you'll either stall out or your car would be covered in salt."

When it comes to flooding be sure to turn around when you can’t see how deep the water is. Six inches of water can cause a car to stall.

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