MUSC’s new Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital is on time and on budget

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - If you’ve been in downtown Charleston lately you’ve likely noticed the progress being made on MUSC’s new Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital.

We are now less than one year from the hospital opening its doors.

At first glance from the ground, the building would seem like just a shell. But inside, busy hands are at work constructing the building.

The hospital is 11 stories, the top being where the helipad stands.

“We invested so that we could land a military grade Jayhawk or Black Hawk Helicopter here,” said Dr. Mark Scheurer, the chief at MUSC’s Children’s Hospital, in an exclusive interview with Live 5 News. “Not that that would be a daily occurrence. But in the event of an emergency or disaster.”

Heading inside, the kind of space a family would typically be in has nearly doubled.

And there are special rooms in the NICU so families can stay together.

“A mom who has a medical need, maybe she had a c-section or an early delivery, and the baby, who has the need for neonatal or ICU care, can be in the same room,” Scheurer said.

Another area you’ll see improved is technology.

“A single screen can tell you where you are on your journey through the hospital – like you would on a plane,” Scheurer said. “Where are we in our flight through the hospital? What are our goals today? Who came into my room at 2 a.m.? What was that person’s name? We were so tired, I don’t remember...”

One thing the team has been very intentional about with this new building is giving places for people to go outside.

“The reality is we hope that we built a building where kids can be kids even when they’re in tough circumstances,” Scheurer said. “So there are places for kids to learn to ride bikes, take their first steps, sit outside with mom and dad – because every kid needs that.”

The new hospital is set to open in October 2019.

The project is on time and on budget.

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