Animals from Doc Williams SPCA get second chance after shelter closes

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The Doc Williams SPCA animal shelter in Moncks Corner closed after it ran out of money. The shelter was struggling to find homes for all 74 animals in their care before closing.

At first, the Berkeley Animal Center was concerned about the possible intake of animals since they already deal with an overcrowding issue.

“Berkeley Animal Center will be the only animal center in the entire county,” Berkeley County spokesperson Carli Drayton said. “ And it’s going to put a lot of strain on us.”

Doc Williams officially shut down operations this past weekend and 59 animals were able to get adopted.

A spokesperson for the shelter said that one went to a foster program and the remaining 14 animals went to Pet Helpers on James Island.

Pet Helpers received 14 cats that all had upper respiratory issues or parasites. The cats had to be separated from other animals and were placed in their own quarantine area.

“It takes a long time to get them healthy so we have to put them in a separate quarantine area," Pet Helpers Executive Director Alan Berger said. "And keep them in there and we have to keep them clean.

Berger said the medications cost several thousand dollars, not to mention the care that will have to go into making sure these cats are ready for adoption. But he said there was a possibility that these cats would be euthanized if the center didn’t take them in.

The center remains hopeful of the cats’ futures. They believe the cats will be available for adoption within the next few months.

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