Summerville brewery joins nationwide relief effort for CA fire victims

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A brewery in Summerville is joining a national movement to give relief to victims of the Camp fire in Butte County, California.

Oak Road Brewery has agreed to brew and sell a new beer provided by the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company.

The beer will be called “Resilience Butte County Proud IPA."

Officials from Oak Road Brewery said 100 percent of the beer sales will be donated to the Sierra Nevada Camp Fire Relief Fund.

“It’s going to help out public safety, educators, agricultural and also residents of the surrounding area of Chico and Paradise,” Oak Road Brewing Chief Operating Officer Brian Cox said.

So far, more than 1200 breweries across the country have signed up to brew Resilience. Thirteen breweries in South Carolina have pledged to join the campaign, including Oak Road Brewery.

The brewing process is also giving Travis McGill the chance to help.

He lives in Summerville now, but he’s from Paradise, California. That’s the town that was ravaged by flames from the Camp Fire.

“There was no time to grab anything, no warning,” McGill said. “Saw trees catch on fire and you’re like, ‘We’ve got to get out of here.’”

His family’s homes are now just piles of rubble.

The town faces a long road to recovery because most of the people living there are low-income and retired.

“They already were living on a budget,” McGill said. “And now that they’ve already lost everything, it’s kind of hard for those folks to rebuild.”

That’s why Cox is so excited to help.

He said it’s inspiring to see so many breweries join hands.

“We can put all this effort together as one front to help somebody out,” Cox said.

Oak Road began brewing Resilience on Wednesday. The beer should be available in late December.

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