CCSD working on project to prepare future students for graduation

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Charleston County School District is working to make changes for next generation.

The Shared Future Project aims to make sure babies born right now will have opportunities when they graduate high school.

“The Shared Future Project takes a look at children that are born now and see if 17 years from now, when they come out of school, have we been able to provide them with opportunities that they need,” CCSD Chief Financial Officer Donald Kennedy said.

This year’s state report cards showed 20 percent of the state’s lowest performing schools were in North Charleston, and the report cards showed that the majority of students graduating high school were not prepared for life after graduation.

The district’s project aims to transform the district’s current educational system and aims to have children born right now graduate with opportunities.

“We’re looking at some things that the district has tried in the past, some of the reports that have been issued in the past and going back as far back as 1998 and seeing what we can take from those recommendations and make them real for our children,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy said a project like this wouldn’t just focus on what the schools can do better, but the community as a whole. Taking the “it takes a village” mindset.

“This is not just a CCSD effort this is about education,” Kennedy said. “A county-wide approach to education instead of putting it all on the district and rather how we come together as a group of citizens for the shared future of our children.”

This project would take place over the course of 17 years, and the effects of this project would be seen in 2035 when these children graduate high school.

The CCSD school board will vote on this in the January meeting.

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