Christmas Day gas prices lowest in 3 years

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - You may have had a little surprise if you’ve been to the pump over the past few days. Gas prices have hit a three-year low for Christmas Day in Charleston.

The average price of gas in the city is $2.00. That’s the lowest it’s been on this day since 2015, according to Gas Buddy.

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Over the past 75 days, the gas price in Charleston has fallen 60 cents. Patrick DeHaan is an analyst for Gas Buddy, and he said that the prices typically drop this time of year. “But what’s not normal is how quickly the prices have dropped,” DeHaan said.

Gas prices the past five years:

  • $2.18 (2017)
  • $2.03 (2016)
  • $1.76 (2015)
  • $2.16 (2014)
  • $3.04 (2013)

This is much lower than some are paying across the country. Natoshia Johnson is originally from South Carolina but is visiting from California.

“Gas is like 2.99 there,” Johnson said. “It just got under three dollars after Thanksgiving. So being able to come home and not have to pay a lot of money in gas has been good. And it gives you more money, especially this time of year to buy gifts and make sure you have food and still able to pay your other bills as well.”

Johnson is not alone. Paying bills seems to be the most common way folks want to spend their savings. Victor Belbusti even wants to buy more gas with the money he’s saving.

“It just allows me to spend a little more on fuel for leisure things like taking my dog for a ride,” Belbusti said. “She loves the beach, and I love taking her there. It just makes it easier, especially in a big truck.”

If you’re looking for low gas prices, Gas Buddy recommends shopping around. You can find the prices lowest near you here.

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