North Charleston family gets a home for the holidays

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - On Christmas morning, a North Charleston family got a home for the holidays after not having anywhere to officially call their own for four years.

Katrina Hamilton and her four kids have been living with a family member since 2013 and this year Hamilton was finally able to get her kids the gift they have been asking for. When she got them out of their beds to load them into the car, she says she wouldn’t say a peep about where they were headed so early on Christmas morning.

“It was questions, where are we going where are we going, I wouldn’t say anything,” Hamilton says.

When they pulled into the parking lot, she handed her confused son a lanyard with a key and said “welcome home”, that’s when all four kids started to run to the door.

“It was a hard thing doing it, keeping this secret from the kids, letting them think we would still be in goose creek a couple more years,” Hamilton says.

They rushed upstairs, calling dibs on rooms as fast as they could, while Hamilton made sure the rest of the gifts were ready for them downstairs.

“I was happy for them, I know that this is what they wanted,” Hamilton says. “Making their wish come true Christmas morning.”

She said that telling them that their wishes to Santa have come true is a great feeling.

“After working so hard, putting in so many hours, to say this is what I’m going to do for my kids, making their wish come true,” Hamilton says.

With a roof over their heads and new gifts to play with in their new rooms, the kids say this is by far the best Christmas ever and Hamilton says their smiles are the only gift she needs.

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