Mount Pleasant Woman Wins Car on ‘The Price is Right’


MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - The price was definitely right for a Lowcountry native Friday.

Rebekah Langley appeared on the CBS game show, “The Price is Right,” and was invited to “come on down.” Langley won an espresso maker to get on stage and then won a new Honda Civic.

“It’s really a dream come true because my whole life I said I wanna go on that show but never thought it would actually happen,” she said. She said it was a lot of waiting to get inside the studio, but that once the show began, it went by quickly.

She won the car playing “Card Game,” a classic pricing game in which contestants draw cards to increase their bid for a new car. If they reach within a predetermined range of the actual price of the car without going over, they win.

Langley, who lives in Mount Pleasant, said she and her college girlfriends make a reunion trip every year, and this year, while in Los Angeles, they decided to try their luck and head to a taping of the show at CBS Television City.

She also managed to spin the highest amount, 75 cents, in the show’s Showcase Showdown, the segment in which contestants spin a big wheel to determine which two will compete in the final showcase round. But her winning streak ended there, as her opponent won the final showcase round.

But she said she plans to return to the game show in 10 years when she will be eligible to be a contestant again and try her luck a second time.

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