Berkeley County implements stormwater credit policy

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Berkeley County implemented a credit policy to help mitigate the costs of high storm water fees after businesses complained about high increases.

The credit policy would be for properties that meet certain criteria of helping manage stormwater.

During Monday night’s meeting, the county council heard from property owners who appealed hikes in their storm water fees.

In September, Berkeley County announced they would be using an impervious surface model to calculate the annual stormwater utility fee.

People were told in September that they could expect a new fee on their tax bills which they received in October.

Crowfield Baptist Church officials have complained about a 2,000 percent increase in their bill from the previous year, and they say it’s affecting smaller churches as well.

Louis Mayrant Jr. is a head trustee for St. Peter’s Church and said he received around a 200 percent increase, and that could be detrimental for his church.

“It’s a big burden on our church. We’re very small,” said Mayrant. “We have about 45 that come to our church and we have about 15 that donate money to the church. So we’re really a very small income.”

With the implementation of the credit policy, his church’s stormwater fee was reduced by 72 dollars.

Officials with Berkeley County say individuals will be able to see what credits they can apply for on the county’s website as well as forms for any appeals after Monday night.

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