Kids learn lesson in reading at the barbershop

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A North Charleston barbershop is trying to promote reading for its younger customers.

The Celebrityz Barbershop, located at 5060 Dorchester Rd. in North Charleston is offering $5 off the regular price of a haircut for any child who reads a book while getting the cut. The shop is trying to promote reading rather than screen time on cell phones and iPads.

Barber Stephen Heard said he learned of another barbershop that had a similar idea and decided it would be a great thing to bring to Charleston.

“We can only do but so much, the school can only do but so much, but if we all work together, we can make something happen,” Heard said.

Heard said he has seen children trying to read in his shop but having difficulty doing so. Employees hope the program will not only encourage children to read but also encourage their parents to help them.

“The only thing it’ll cost is a little effort and time, and I believe we all have a little of that that we can give to our babies,” Heard said.

Heard says he’s seen children encouraging each other to read.

“It’s a beautiful thing just to watch that,” he said.

A Facebook post states the shop has books for the kids to read but is also asking for books anyone would like to donate.

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