Berkeley County holds first public meeting about school attendance lines

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - On Thursday, Berkeley County school board officials held a public meeting to discuss changing school boundary lines for Cane Bay schools.

This comes amid rapid growth in the district.

Right now, officials say the district has over 35,000 students. About 1,000 are moving into the county every year.

Last month, the BCSD school board heard the recommendations to change the school boundary lines. Most of the change would affect residents living in the Carnes Crossroads area.

Students that are currently in the Cane Bay area would move into the re-zoned Goose Creek area. Some of the changes include moving 72 students from Cane Bay Elementary to Devon Forest Elementary.

This first public meeting was held at the Devon Forest Elementary school and focused on those Carnes Crossroads families.

Some parents were concerned about moving their children from Cane Bay and were worried about the potential of having to move them back in a few years.

School board officials say they’re listening to the concerns parents have and are not moving forward with any decisions until they get community feedback.

Michael Ramsey, a BCSD representative for District 1, said, “It is something that I do feel needs to happen in some form or some manner but we don't want to just change attendance lines before we really got community input.”

Middle school students who live in Carnes Crossroads and go to Cane Bay Elementary School would also be affected.

Some of those students would have to transfer to College Park Middle School.

More on the proposed plans can be found here.

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