James Island backs bill to allow unincorporated areas to rejoin town

JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - A new bill would provide the chance for people who live in unincorporated areas of James Island to officially rejoin the town.

Both the Town of James Island and the James Island Public Service District have expressed support for the bill. The James Island Public Service District is a special purpose district that often provides services across district lines.

House Bill 3661 , filed by Representative Peter McCoy, clarifies the definition of “contiguous” in the interest of uniting communities. Homeowners in unincorporated areas would be able to petition to join the town if they are next to a property that is already a part of the town and if the property on the other side is in the City of Charleston.

Annexing into the town or into the city would give residents of unincorporated areas representation and bring power in the municipality that impacts them most.

Neighborhoods would also be able to join the town if 25 percent of registered voters petition.

James Island Mayor Bill Woolsey says many of the unincorporated properties were previously part of the town prior to 2011 and he wants to fulfill his promise to bring James Island back together.

Bill 3661 must pass through state legislation before this goes forward.

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