Public comments for West Ashley merge improvements coming to a close

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - In December, Charleston County began asking for the community’s opinion on the best way to fix the alternate merge on Sam Rittenberg Boulevard and Old Towne Road.

There are four alternative options given for that intersection and many people say those are the opposite of improvements.

Mike Campbell owns Captains Comics and Toys right at the intersection of Sam Rittenberg Boulevard and Old Towne Road which is also known as the “suicide merge."

“I come from Sam Rittenberg. I take that merge every morning, it’s always a source of stress nobody likes to take,” Campbell says.

That’s why Charleston County says they’re trying to come up with alternatives for that merge, and they’ve been asking for help.

“We will take in public comments and then dive into details and how they impact everyone,” said Richard Turner, the Charleston County director of Transit Operations.

On Thursday night, the time for comments comes to an end, and Turner says they’re excited to see what people have to say.

“Maybe there’s a fifth alternative that’s a hybrid of the four,” Turner says. “They could say,'Hey here’s an idea.' If it’s good, we will bring it forward.”

Campbell says he’s studied those plans and hopes the county considers the businesses near the intersection when deciding, because all four proposals may shut down his store.

The county says they are planning on having another public meeting in the near future.

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