College of Charleston athletic director, baseball coach destroyed evidence

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - New documents filed in federal court in the case of a former College of Charleston baseball coach accuse the athletic director and current baseball coach of destroying evidence.

Former coach Matt Heath filed suit against the College of Charleston after he was fired in 2017.

Heath’s lawyers first complained Athletic Director Matt Roberts had set his cell phone to delete messages, despite being told to preserve evidence.

Heath’s lawyers wanted to see if Roberts had talked with then University of South Carolina baseball Coach Chad Holbrook between January and July of 2017 while Heath was the College of Charleston baseball coach.

In a sworn statement, Roberts said that had not happened.

Last month, Heath’s lawyers said they found evidence otherwise, and in this new document, also maintain, a recent search of Roberts’ laptop determined all data had been wiped clean with the installation of windows 10.

That installation happened the day after Heath’s attorneys asked for communications between Roberts and Holbrook.

Heath’s lawyers also contend the college refused their efforts to examine Roberts’ hard drive, and didn’t tell them about the existence of another hard drive.

Additionally, Heath’s lawyers indicated they believe Chad Holbrook “attempted to destroy evidence” of communications on his iPhone.

The federal court documents also indicate the College of Charleston has hired its own computer forensic examiner.

We have reached out to the College of Charleston for a response to the latest federal court motion.

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