Summerville council fails to pass smoking ban in public parks

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Summerville council failed to pass a smoking ban in parks during town events.

Council voted 3 to 4 against the ban Thursday night.

Councilmember William Macintosh suggested letting the parks and recreation department head the ban up instead by putting “No Smoking” signs in the parks.

The town banned indoor smoking eight years ago, and said the ban in parks was the next step in the right direction.

The proposed ban would have included downtown events such as the upcoming Flowertown festival.

Councilwoman Kima Garten-Schmidt said earlier they had several reasons for considering this ordinance.

She gave examples of cigarette butt litter and the potential of second-hand smoke as some big issues.

“The litter problem is really bad, mostly butts," Garten-Schmidt says."When they go to trash pickup you just can’t pick them all up. We take pride in our town, and just want it to stay clean. This is really important."

The town of Summerville has 11 public parks, most of which host festivals and events throughout the year.

Smoking has always been permitted in the parks.

The proposal included designated smoking areas in the parking lot of the parks and adding a place to discard cigarette butts as well.

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