I-526 continue to move forward; more state approval to come on Wednesday

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A petition to the stop the completion of I-526 is growing while the clock is ticking for supporters to get financial approval from state lawmakers to complete the project.

The petition said, “Charleston County Council is using your local half-cent tax dollars for projects you didn’t vote for.”

The petition had over a thousand signatures on Tuesday evening.

“[The proposed plan for 526] personally goes right through the middle of my house,” Thomas Legare said. “We’ve been on this island for 300 years and the culture is going to get killed by 526.”

Last week the Charleston County Council voted to use half-cent sales tax to help fund I-526.

The county is responsible for $305 million for the completion. The State Infrastructure Bank Board is responsible for the other $420 million.

On Wednesday, the Joint Bond Review Committee will vote to give approval for the State Infrastructure Bank’s $420 million commitment for the financial assistance to extend I-526.

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