Isle of Palms leaders set up more coyote traps after recent sightings

ISLE OF PALMS, SC (WCSC) - It’s breeding season for coyotes, and people on Isle of Palms are getting concerned.

Isle of Palms police recently started putting up traps, up to 10 at a time around the city.

They said they had 11 reports of coyote sightings for the year and have already caught two coyotes.

Police have put up cameras in hot spot areas so they can monitor coyote spotting. But people who live in areas like in Wild Dunes say it’s a problem that needs to be better addressed.

“I’ve had them waiting for me to come out with my dogs at night on the fairway. We’ve chased them back down the fairway with air horns,” said Isle of Palms resident Gillian Koerber.

Koerber said you can hear the coyotes at night, and she’s afraid to bring her pets out there.

The city has dealt with this problem for years, and some people said that they wouldn’t have as much of a problem with the coyotes if it weren’t for people feeding animals.

Isle of Palms Mayor Jimmy Carroll said they city is being very pro-active when it comes to dealing with the coyote concerns.

He reassured that they’re being very careful about where they’re placing those traps.

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