Anonymous mailings targeting Sen. Tom Davis sent to thousand of Chas. homes

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Anonymous mailings were sent to thousands in the Lowcountry.

The mailings are targeted at Republican state senator Tom Davis over his medical marijuana bill.

The flyer was blasting Davis and accusing him of turning the state into a pot party.

Davis is seen in the flyer wearing a Hawaiian shirt with pounds of marijuana, holding a joint. Girls are seen in bikinis partying in the back, and even one holding a bong.

Davis addressed the mailing online and again on the senate floor saying, “I’ve been victimized by dark money. An anonymous mailer got mailed out to several thousand people. I’ve received over a thousand calls this morning.”

Many took to social media including state representative Peter McCoy who called it a highly offensive trash mockery.

The flyer states that Davis’s plan will open a pandora’s box to legalizing recreational marijuana, and states his bill is opposed by the S.C. Medical Association.

Whoever sent this is still anonymous, but Davis did take the time to clear up some things about his bill.

Davis said, “I want this bill to be reflective of something South Carolinians want and if you look at poll after poll what they show is they want to empower physicians, they want physicians to give cannabis to patients they thing this can benefit.”

That proposed bill is currently in a senate subcommittee.

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