Mount Pleasant residents calling for changes to parking

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Mount Pleasant residents say there’s a need for change when it comes to parking.

Many people are saying there’s an issue with people parking at their homes to go to bars and restaurants in the area.

On Monday at a meeting with the old village historic district commission, town officials talked about the results from a parking study that was done to see the needs of the town.

The Residential Parking Permit Program (RPPP) Study was conducted by the town’s transportation department to investigate the need for residential parking permits.

It would essentially give residents special permits allowing them to park in their neighborhoods while keeping others out.

Officials concluded that the program wasn’t a good fit for the community. Instead, they suggested a number of other considerations like additional off-street parking near activity zones and partnering with local restaurants to minimize parking in residential areas.

For people who attended the meeting, they said those considerations won’t work, and they need to keep discussing the program.

“We have a lot patrons of the restaurants and bars that are parking in front of our houses and creating a lot of extra traffic and a lot of noise coming back from the bars going to the bars,” said Mount Pleasant resident Joanna Ghegan.

She suggested parking designations along Coleman Boulevard to keep people out of the neighborhoods, and better shuttle services.

Commission members also wanted to revisit the program once the transportation department gets more information and feedback.

The transportation committee will meet on April 1.

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