Residents living in homeless village fear they will be kicked out

LADSON, SC (WCSC) - Homeless people in Ladson who have built their own community in the woods fear they may soon not have anywhere to go.

The encampment is in a wooded area right off of College Park Road in Ladson.

It’s a community of about fourteen people who call it the village.

On Wednesday, residents living in the encampment said Charleston County deputies showed up to tell them the owner plans to put up no trespassing signs on the property on Monday.

That means they’ll be trespassing in a few days time.

“I’m kind of still in shock, and without any transportation it’s really kind of difficult to get around and start scouting," said Bill Long.

Long has lived in the village for a year.

He said he doesn’t know where he would go next. Many of the people in the area have belongings and jobs within walking distance.

They’re worried that with short notice, they won’t be able to find another place to live. But they’re hoping whoever the owner is, they will change their minds or give them more time.

If you’re interested in helping out, you can contact Bill Long at (843) 371-6499.

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