You Paid For It: Tri-County housed, adopted out more than 20,000 animals

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Last year, animal shelters in the Tri-County housed and adopted out more than 20,000 animals.

Getting those animals off the streets and vaccinated is important for public health.

In February, Charleston County paid a $150,796 contract to renew its agreement with the non-profit Charleston Animal Society to continue those services.

That’s only a portion of the shelter’s $7 million total revenue each year.

Dorchester County pays $15,300 monthly for its contract with the non-profit Dorchester Paws, the only animal shelter in Dorchester County.

That’s about $183,600 per year.

Dorchester County also approved a $1 million in this year’s budget to help construct a new animal shelter. They’ll buy the land separately.

Berkeley County’s Doc Williams Animal Shelter recently closed, leaving the county-run Berkeley Animal Center as the county’s only shelter. They have an annual budget of $295,000 not including personnel and maintenance.

A third of that they expect will be covered by fees and donations.

A Berkeley County report predicts a future annual budget needed of more like $800,000.

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