Goose Creek considering selling vacant residential lots

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - The City of Goose Creek may be considering selling dozens of city-owned lots.

The city has 42 vacant residential lots in different neighborhoods. While some are wooded areas, some are used as green spaces for people in that community.

They fear that if the properties are sold, those green spaces will be replaced with more development.

The city has accumulated those vacant lots throughout the years.

City council members say it was meant as a way to increase existing green space. The lots have not been used by the city, so they’re gathering information on each of them for potential sales so homes can be built on them.

The lots are in places like Boulder Bluff, Colonial Heights, and Ryan Creek.

Two lots in Ryan Creek happen to be right next to Scott Bullington’s house. He said when he first bought the house in 2010, the city told them they were going to keep that area green.

“I hope that nothing happens to this property,” said Bullington.

City officials say they’re discussing what could happen to these lots and no decision has been made about what lots could be sold. But they are considering the options.

Goose Creek City Council member Gayla McSwain said, “We’re still considering what is the best use of these lots either to be kept and perhaps augment our existing green space. It might make sense to sell some of them, we don’t know yet.”

City officials say they’re still doing research on the properties, and if they decide to sell any of them, that would go to a vote at a regular council meeting.

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