Former Goose Creek police captain accuses city of "witch hunt'

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) -A former Goose Creek police captain who recently resigned is accusing the city of going on a “witch hunt” to get rid of him.

Documents obtained by Live 5 News show that the officer, Shawn Laffey, disputes all of the allegations against him.

Before his resignation on March 14 Laffey sent the city's human resources director a memo addressing the allegations.

During a meeting last month, new police chief L.J. Roscoe told Laffey she received about 20 complaints against him.

Several of those complaints were made by female employees who said Laffey was demeaning to them and belittled them.

In his response, Laffey wrote anything remotely purported as a complaint regarding his behavior was "indeed untruthful or maliciously twisted contextually."

He said about 20 complaints is "ambiguous and lacks the clarity a 23-year veteran with a flawless record deserves."

Laffey also claims in another meeting, the chief and HR director were not interested in the truth.

Laffey said the mandatory classes he was ordered to take to improve his behavior toward employees were all actions "to humiliate" him "to the point of resigning or a prelude to inevitable termination."

He claimed there has been a "negative bias" towards him before day one with the new chief.

Laffey also wrote that he wanted to stay on the force but didn't feel he was given a fair opportunity to do so.

He said he will vindicated from "any slanderous or libelous behavior resulting in defamation of character" and that he's claiming whistleblower status pending further investigation.

Two days before his resignation, Laffey indicated he wanted a grievance hearing.

Then two days later he wrote that he would rather resign than be terminated because he couldn’t get legal counsel.

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