Goose Creek police investigating two reports of bullying at charter school

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - Goose Creek police officers are investigating two reports of bullying at a charter school

Police say an 11-year old and 12-year old girl claim they were threatened at Mevers School of Excellence on Henry Brown Jr. Boulevard.

Both students told investigators they were bullied by a group of four students.

"Most of the time it's hard to believe them because they are children and we understand how children work and how children go," said Randy Smalls of the organization Berkeley County Beats Bullying.

According to the incident reports, the accusations are disturbing.

In one of the incidents that was reported last month, an 11-year old girl said one of the students told her not to come to school on March 25 or "something bad would happen to her."

She said while in a bathroom one of the students told her she “wanted to see her dead” and that she was going to “fight her and not stop until she was dead.”

The 11-year old told investigators school administrators at Mevers "refused to take the threats seriously" so she stopped telling them.

Police say the other report of bullying happened in October 2018 but wasn't reported until February of this year.

A 12-year-old girl also told investigators four students were involved.

She told police one of the suspects engraved on the walls of a school bathroom the words "I hope you die" along with a heart with her name and a boy's name with the word "death written under it."

Smalls says both cases should be taken seriously by police and parents.

"We want people to come together with the kids so we can get a better understanding to prevent bullying situations," Smalls said.

Mevers does not have a school resource officer.

We reached out to the school’s principal for a comment but have not heard back from him.

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