SC bartenders and servers may have to start taking alcohol training

COLUMBIA, SC (WCSC) - State lawmakers are considering a bill that would require bartenders and servers in South Carolina to go through alcohol training and learn how to serve alcohol responsibly.

The senate had a second reading for Senate Bill S.342 at the Statehouse on Wednesday.

If the bill were to pass, workers in the hospitality industry would be required to take an alcohol certification class.

The certification would remain valid for three years before the holder would have to renew their certification for $15.

Providers of the certification program would not be allowed to charge more than $35 for a training program, according to the bill.

Servers or bartenders would be required to obtain their alcohol serving certificate within 60 days of starting employment.

According to the bill, an alcohol server who violates the potential new rules could be fined up to $350 and have his or her alcohol server certificate suspended for up to six months.

The bill still needs to be passed by the state senate and the state house before it is sent to the governor.

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