Mount Pleasant neighbors upset over possible street sign changes

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Leaders in Mount Pleasant are considering making changes to street signs in the Old Village neighborhood.

The Old Village Historic District Commission will discuss proposed changes to the Old Village street signs during a meeting on Monday night.

The proposal would add tall metal signs to streets.

“We think that’s a waste of money and also it would detract from the historic nature of this part of town,” Jimmy Bagwell said, who grew up in the Old Village neighborhood.

Currently, streets in the Old Village are marked by white concrete pillars with street names.

Some residents in the Old Village area of Mount Pleasant have expressed frustration with the proposal, saying they think adding metal street signs will take away from the neighborhood's charm.

“People have come to be accustomed to these signs,” Bagwell said. “And finding yoru way around in the village is not difficult.”

But not everyone who lives in the Old Village agrees with that.

Some residents said they think adding modern street signs to the area could help people with navigating the roads.

“Sometimes I’ll have people doing laps around just trying to find where I live,” Old Village resident James Sudano said. “This might help us out a lot.”

Some neighbors also said they think the charm of the area has to do with a lot more than just street signs.

“I think this place has a natural beauty to it and a natural aura that’s not brought out by those signs, but I can see the anger in that,” Old Village resident Gray Harrison said.

The Old Village Historic District Commission met at 5:00 p.m. on Monday night to talk about whether it will recommend the changes to the town’s Transportation Committee.

A spokesperson for the Town of Mount Pleasant said she would send questions about the proposal to the Transportation Committee, but there has been no response.

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