Parents, residents discuss wanted changes to N. Charleston public schools

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Parents and residents in North Charleston are addressing the changes they want to make within their public schools.

On Tuesday, the district held one of three community meetings at North Charleston High School to talk about their public schools. The Charleston County School Board encouraged parents and community members to come out and talk about what they feel needs to happen.

This is part of an effort from the Charleston County School District to fix the failing schools.

In February the Charleston County school board voted to restructure the school district, and now they’re holding mission critical meetings in areas all over the district. The point is to have community members can express their views on these schools’ performances.

Part of the district’s mission critical action plans includes changing attendance lines, training teachers in high-challenge settings, and recruiting new and highly successful teachers and principals.

The focus of the first meeting was particularly on the 27 schools in North Charleston. Parents, residents, and community leaders got a chance to see data about each school’s performance and could be done to improve it.

Some of the main concerns were with things like community involvement, equal opportunities, and services in the school district.

“In some ways, making sure that children aren’t being left behind. Although tests are very important, children can test and not be prepared for life,” said North Charleston parent Stacey Alberico.

The feedback from these meetings will also be incorporated into the district’s plans. The next community meeting in North Charleston will be in May and facilitators will present possible solutions to some of these issues.

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