North Chas. Fire and Police departments compete to raise autism awareness

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The inside of Panera Bread at Tanger was covered in blue on Thursday morning to promote autism awareness.

The North Charleston Fire Department and Police Department got involved with the cause in a cookie decorating contest. They also raised over $500 at the event.

The goal was to raise awareness for Panera’s campaign with the South Carolina Autism Society. The restaurant is selling puzzle piece cookies from now until April 14 and all proceeds will be donated. Customers can also round their order up to the closet dollar for the rest of the month to donate.

“This is really important to us because not only do the fire department and the police department do some much for our community in North Charleston in protecting us and helping our quality of life, but also they do so much for the community,” Danielle Covelli, marketing manager for Panera in South Carolina and Georgia, said. “They are always ready to support us for everything we do.”

The franchise started this campaign in 2011 and has raised almost $2 million for the cause.

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