CCSD mission critical meetings aim to fix failing schools

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Plans are in the works to improve your child’s education.

On Tuesday night, that plan took place on Johns Island for one of several mission critical meetings happening across Charleston County.

The meetings are part of an effort from the Charleston County School District to fix failing classrooms.

The mission critical meetings are opportunities for families to tell members of the community what they would like to see changed in the district.

“It’s a meeting for the entire community in district 9 so the whole Johns Island community to come together and really go through some data points, talk in small groups, and converse as a community as to what solutions could be out there for the schools that exist on the island,” facilitator Jamie Cooper said.

A few months ago the CCSD school board approved an action plan to restructure the entire district.

A group designated by the district will go through the feedback from the mission critical meetings and make suggestions on what could be put into action.

The community will then have another opportunity to give their input on those suggestions.

According to the district’s timeline, the recommendations are supposed to be presented to the school board by June 30.

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