Fraternity Suspended for Serving Beer to a Dog - Spuds MacKenzie?

Sure, it's OK for college kids to drink themselves into near-comatose stupors every night, but giving beer to a dog? That's where administrators draw the line.

Hofstra University officials have suspended the school's Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity after viewing a video that shows the party animals spraying beer into a dog's mouth.

The clip has sparked a deluge of outrage. One student told a local TV station, "That’s disgusting. A dog can’t say no." A SPCA official, who equated the incident to "torture," said, "It’s wrong on every level. It’s just not rational thinking." And even the national Alpha Epsilon PI sent a "cease and desist" to its Long Island branch for the "unacceptable" behavior.

Do you agree with all the haters?

Photos: Getty Images

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