Driver Cited for too Much Garbage on Car's Floor

Maybe it's time to throw away all the fast food wrappers and cups that have accumulated on the floor of your vehicle -- especially if you live in England.

A motorist in Buckinghamshire was cited earlier this week for a driving a car that was so messy "it was dangerous," according to Thames Valley police. The driver, whose name wasn't released, was stopped for a minor traffic offense when the officer noticed the mound of trash on the vehicle's floor. There was so much, in fact, the discarded items extended underneath the gas and brake pedals, creating a hazard, police say.

In addition to accessing a fine and placing points on the driver's record, police tweeted a photo of the car's messy interior. It was accompanied by the caption, "A tidy cab equals a tidy mind."

What would officers find on the floor of your vehicle if they inspected it right now?

What do you do with trash when you're driving?

Photos: Getty Images

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