VIDEO: G-Man Rappelled Nine Stories for Trident United Way's RB3 Project

G-Man the Producer participated in Over The Edge: Rappel United! I raised money and went Over The Edge! We had a BLAST going #OverTheEdge at Hyatt Place In historic downtown Charleston.


I was SO excited to go #OverTheEdge ! I was one of the brave souls who are raising money for the Tri-County Reading by Third Project, to raise child literacy rates in our region. I rappelled off one of the tallest buildings in#CHS! #RB3

I was so passionate being a part in this because I have two sons in the public school system. My youngest, Jax is in third grade and have a personal knowledge of how important reading is being a Producer for iHeart Media on 94.3 WSC. My goal was to bring #RB3 to the attention of the LowCountry where kids need to learn to read and then read to learn.


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