Family of teen suicide victim upset after school excludes her in yearbook

High School Year Book

The family of a Pennsylvania teen who committed suicide was upset when they found the girl's high school left her out of the yearbook. So they did something about it.

Downington resident Rose Rondinelli, who struggled with depression, ended her life in September. When the school year ended, her family was shocked to find she wasn't included in the Downington High School East yearbook. "We are not looking for a tribute for Rose, just 14 letters: Rose Rondinelli," her mother, Beth, says. "That would have been sufficient. That would have sufficed that they recognized she was a student at the school."

Rather than dismiss the issue, Rondinelli's family decided to take action. Her sister Rachel created an insert to be placed alongside page 59, which is where Rondinelli's picture would have appeared. Then the family went to the school and handed out copies. Rachel says while she's still grieving the loss of her sister, she now knows Rose "won't be forgotten."

If Rose had been killed in an accident, would she have been included in the yearbook?

Does this story show that suicide isn't discussed enough in schools?

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