20-Year Nursing Veteran Fired - for Not Being a Real Nurse

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A woman who's worked as a nurse for more than 20 years in Quebec has been fired -- because health officials discovered she wasn't a real nurse.

The woman, who hasn't been identified, got hired by using the nursing registration number of someone with the same name as hers, according to the Canadian Health Authority. She went on to spend more than two decades at a hospital in Jonquiere, where she worked in various departments, including the operating room.

The ruse was finally discovered when she enrolled in a training course and an official noticed the age listed with her license number didn't match her real age. A quick investigation revealed the woman never had medical training of any kind. She's now out of a job. Upon hearing the news, a rep for the nurse's union said, "A few weeks, or a few months -- that has happened before. But for such a long time, in our minds it was impossible."

Can you imagine the law suites ?

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