Why should man walk on the moon again?

Twitter users who follow NASA received a treat last Thursday. ISS resident and NASA astronaut Nick Hague shared stunning time lapse video of the earth rotating from the Pacific to the Atlantic ocean - cramming 30 minutes into 60 seconds of awe from more than 250 miles above the ground.

CNN republished the tweet while promoting its own airing of out-of-this-world footage. Sunday night, June 23 the network will premiere its television documentary, 'Apollo 11,' featuring newly-discovered and restored archival footage. The program airs at 9 p.m. ET.

Also, NASA has made their entire collection of images, sounds, and video available on-line. Over 140,000 photos and other resources. https://www.nasa.gov/

Do you think man will set foot on the moon again?

Photos: Getty Images

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