Mom Arrested for Confronting Son's Bullies

A South Carolina mother has been arrested for charging into her son's elementary school to confront students who she says have been bullying him.

The incident occurred Wednesday when Jamie Rathburn entered Greenbriar Elementary School without permission, according to the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office. Once inside, she began yelling at a class of third-grade students and a teacher, "pointing her finger in a threatening manner," her arrest report indicates. Rathburn says she was forced to take matters into her own hands because when her son reported the bullying, "he was told to ignore it."

However, school officials maintain the mom went too far. "Maybe in her mind she was going there to confront a bully or a couple of children, but ... choosing to yell at dozens of innocent kids, there is nothing appropriate about yelling at other people’s children’s in a school setting after you’ve snuck in illegally," school rep Beth Brotherton says.

Who do you side with? The mom or the school? What would you have done if you were the mom?

Photos: Getty images

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