Wristband Promises to Break Bad Habits by Shocking Wearer

Maybe you can't stop yourself from lighting another cigarette. Or perhaps you lack the willpower to resist sticking another glazed doughnut in your mouth. Whatever your bad habit might be, a new product called the Pavlok Habit Conditioning Device claims it can help.

While it looks like a stylish watch, it actually has more in common with a dog shock collar. According to the product description, the Pavlok delivers an electrical shock to the wearer whenever he or she engages in an undesirable habit. In turn, "your brain associates the stimulus with the bad habit, creating an aversion," the description claims.

How it knows when the wearer is scratching an itch and not putting a piece of candy in his or her mouth isn't explained. Regardless, the company claims more than 20,000 people have broken their bad habits by wearing Pavlocks. It sells for about $200 on Amazon.

Do you think this would really work? Or would it just encourage wearers to remove the wristband before lighting a smoke -- or whatever their habit is?

Photos: Getty Images

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