Man Busted for Smuggling Cocaine Under Horrible Toupee

man holding a wig in hand

A Colombian drug smuggler thought he was using his head when he attempted to sneak cocaine aboard a plane -- but he probably should have gotten a more realistic-looking toupee.

The unidentified 65-year-old was arrested Tuesday after Spanish TSA agents took a closer look at the obviously fake hairpiece sitting atop his head -- and found half a kilo of cocaine under it, according to Spain's National Police. The coke has a street value of $33,000.

Clearly, the arresting officers found the incident amusing, tweeting photos of the man wearing the ill-fitting toupee and with nothing but the bag of coke sitting on his head.

Can you think of a scenario in which this man looked in the mirror and somehow thought he'd get away with smuggling coke onto an international flight?

Photos: Getty Images

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