Metallica Show Attended by 1 Percent of Finland's Entire Population

Concert arena with fans clapping

While Metallica's current tour has been drawing record crowds, this tops them all: Tuesday night's concert in Finland attracted a full 1 percent of the country's entire population.

While the claim might sound like a Gene Simmons publicity ploy, the math works out: Approximately 55,000 people were on hand for the show in Hämeenlinna, and Finland's most recent head count shows 5.5 million people live in the country. The concert now holds the record for the most-attended show in Finnish history.

As they've done with previous concert stops, the members of Metallica gave part of their earnings to a local charity -- this time, handing over 55,000 euros to Hope Ry, a Finnish children's charity.

Could Metallica draw a crowd like that in the U.S.? Excluding bands from England, how many foreign bands can you name that found success in the United States?

Photos: Getty Images

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