Howard Stern Says O.J. Simpson Shouldn't Be Allowed on Twitter

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During a radio interview with Kim Goldman, the sister of Ron Goldman who was killed alongside Nicole Brown in 1994, Stern said he was “triggered” by Simpson’s Twitter feed. 

“When someone kills your brother and they’re on the golf course and they’re sitting out there in their golf cart, living the life that most people don’t get to live … it’s got to be maddening,” Stern said. He then asked Goldman if she thought he should be thrown off Twitter. 

Instead of responding she asked what the radio host thought, Stern said “yes, to save the Goldman’s from grief,” 

O.J. took to Twitter in response basically saying he thought it was crazy that Stern said he should be denied freedom of expression when Simpson once supported his freedom of speech when he was almost banned. How do you feel? 

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