65-Year-Old Woman Tased After Refusing to Accept Traffic Ticket

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A 65-year-old Oklahoma woman who was stopped for a broken taillight ended up getting tased and arrested.

In body-cam footage released Wednesday, Debra Hamil tells a Cashion police officer her taillight has been broken for six months, and then becomes angry when he writes her an $80 ticket. The argument escalates until Hamil locks her door and rolls up her window, telling the officer he's "full of sh**." She drives away, leading the officer on a chase before stopping again. The officer pulls her from her car and attempts to handcuff her. She resists, falls to the ground and attempts to kick him in the groin. That's when the officer shoots her with his taser.

Hamil was taken into custody and is scheduled to appear in court August 27th. Police have not revealed what charges she's facing.

Have you ever protested something only to realize you've made things worse for yourself?

Photos: Getty Images

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