FBI: Amazon Drivers Involved in $10M Theft Ring

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Federal authorities in Washington state have identified the suspects in a $10 million Amazon theft ring -- and two of them are Amazon delivery drivers.

According to the FBI, part of the drivers' jobs were to pick up returned items from the airport and bring them back to Amazon. But instead, they brought returns to two businesses "posing as pawn shops" and sold them to the operation's ringleader. The stolen goods were then peddled online for a profit, FBI documents reveal. The operation was uncovered when an Auburn police detective found a man had made 57 transactions -- earning $30,000 -- at one of the pawn shops over a short period of time. The man turned out to be one of the Amazon drivers. All totaled, the operation brought in about $10 million, the FBI reports.

The other driver, who's been identified as Abbas Zghair, reportedly made $20,000 on $100,000 worth of stolen property. While the first driver has not yet been arrested, Zghair is being held on an unrelated murder charge, police say. The FBI says the investigation is still ongoing.

How do you think Amazon stays afloat, given all the theft that seems to occur? Have you been victimized by a porch pirate?

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