Life in prison: Teen killed sister over wifi password

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A Georgia teen, convicted Friday of murder and aggravated assault for strangling his sister over a wifi password, has been sentenced to life in prison.

Kevon Watkins was 16-years-old in February 2018. Authorities say he became enraged after coming home from school to find the wifi password had been changed. His 19-year-old sister confronted him as the mother tried to take away his Xbox.

Watkins put her in a choke-hold and refused let her go until police arrived - ten minutes later. She was pronounced dead from asphyxiation the next morning. 

"In this household, the ability to ignore and follow corrective discipline was empowered," said Judge Verda Colvin. BET reports Watkins cried, saying "I'm sorry," before he was taken out of court.

Do you find it difficult to discipline your child? Have you reached out for help?

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