Cops Find Meth & Cash Inside Woman's Private Part - She Denies They're Hers

Underage drinking

A Louisiana woman has been arrested after she was caught with meth hidden inside her vagina. What's even more surprising is she claimed she had no idea how the drugs got there.

Ashley Beth Rolland, 23, was arrested for allegedly stealing $5,000 from the apartment of a man she'd been staying with, Ouachita Parish Sheriff's officials say. When she was searched, jail officials found more than $6,000 in cash and a clear, plastic baggie containing one gram of meth inside her. She denied they belonged to her and told jail officials she was clueless as to how they ended up inside her, according to her arrest report.

Nevertheless, Rolland was charged with theft and narcotics possession. She's being held on $8,000 bond.

Any thoughts on how she's going to explain this to a judge?

Photos: Getty Images

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