San Francisco Airport's Water Bottle Ban has Begun

water plastic bottle isolated

Add water bottles to the list of items you shouldn't bring through the security checkpoint at San Francisco International Airport. As part of its goal to become waste-free by 2021, the airport has banned plastic bottles.

The new rule, which went into effect Tuesday, also forbids the airport's shops, restaurants and vending machines from selling plastic water bottles. The new rule has likely left more than a few merchants unhappy, as -- up until now -- approximately 10,000 bottles of water were sold in the airport every day.

To make up for the lack of pre-bottled water, airport officials have installed about 100 "hydration stations." Travelers can stop at the stands to refill their own reusable containers, or purchase pre-filled glass or aluminum water bottles, airport officials say.

If every airport doesn't follow suit, will this action make a difference? What are some other items airports should do away with?

Photos: Getty Images

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