Solar Powered Phone Chargers With Flashlights - Great For Power Outages

With all of the Storm Dorian updates filtering through your Newsfeeds I'm sure lots of you take these updates with a grain of salt. However, if and when a storm hits and closings and outages become the norm, gadgets such as Solar Powered Phone Chargers are absolute life savers in this technological day and age. Amazon has tons of options ranging from the $20 mark and up. These little guys can be super helpful in times of power outages because it not only allows you to charge your phone, but most of them even have flashlights, and having a powered up cellular device means having access to the iHeart Radio app which means having frequent updates flowing in! So before we get to the point of no return, make sure you have the iHeart Radio app downloaded to your phone, and you've done some research on these Solar Powered Phone Chargers and placed your order for one so you don't have to worry!

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