On-Duty Cop Nabbed Shoplifting $140 Shoes While Wearing Uniform

Robin Conner, 33

Photo: Lowndes County Sheriff's Office

A Mississippi police officer was arrested for allegedly shoplifting while on duty and wearing her uniform. On Wednesday (February 21), Columbus Officer Robin Conner, 33, walked into Dick's Sporting Goods in Columbus and began looking at tennis shoes.

She then put on a pair of $140 shoes and tried to walk out of the store. She was stopped by an employee who called 911.

"An employee observed them and detained the officer and called 911," Columbus Police Chief Joseph Daughtry told the Columbus Dispatch. "911, knowing it was an officer, called the (shift supervisor), and they notified us. Myself, the assistant chief and the captain over patrol all responded."

Conner was taken into custody and transported to the Lowndes County Adult Detention Center in her own patrol car. She was charged with misdemeanor shoplifting.

"We're putting her in jail," Daughtry said. "It's embarrassing for the department, but we're going to treat her like we would anybody else."

The next day, the Columbus City Council voted unanimously to fire Conner.

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