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New Year's Baby Born on I-26 after Police Chase Toward Hospital

Imagine this, a mother is in labor and the father is speeding down I-26, trying to get her to the hospital. Suddenly, they find themselves surrounded by law enforcement.

It sounds like something straight out of a Hollywood movie, but it was a real moment for one Dorchester County couple on New Year's Eve.

"If I was not there, I would not believe it,” says the baby's father, Carl Alewine.

Alewine was working Sunday night, when his child's mother, Tiffani Von Glahn, called saying she was having contractions, and needed to get to the hospital.

Alewine rushed home, and the couple jumped on I-26 outside St. George, headed toward MUSC.

"Not long after we got on the interstate, my water broke and she was just ready to come out,” Von Glahn said.

So Alewine says he floored it, speeding down I- 26. And then he saw blue lights flashing behind them.

But, Alewine says he knew he couldn't stop.

“I said I might go to jail tonight. She is screaming, and I knew that meant keep going,” Alewine says. “Next thing we know, there are 20 cops cars behind us.”

Carl says the officers eventually boxed them in, forcing them to pull over.

"I said, 'Man, she is having a baby, and you are going to end up delivering this baby if you don’t do something," said Alewine.

But the officer wasn't a rookie.

“He said, 'I delivered a baby one other time on the interstate.' I said good enough just do it,” said Von Glahn

Tiffani says she pushed once, with no medication, and her daughter, Anastasia, made her debut.

Carl was in handcuffs, crying tears of joy, when his daughter was born.

"The officer who arrested me came to me and un-cuffed me, and said 'Go see your little girl,'" says Alewine.

“Now we have an exciting story to tell her when she is older”, says Von Glahn

The couple is grateful to the law enforcement officer who helped them and would like to thank the officer.

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