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Aggressive Hog Harasses Colleton County Women in Back Yard

(WCIV) -- Two Colleton County women found themselves in a porky predicament with a pig in their back yard Tuesday.

According to an incident report provided by the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office, a woman and her daughter who live in the Islandton community (between Walterboro and Hampton) called deputies after encountering an “aggressive” pig by the mother’s back porch.

Deputies say the mother told them the boar, which she claimed belonged to a neighbor, startled her when she came off the back steps on the way to her vehicle to go to town.

According to deputies, the mother says the hog began coming toward her and became very aggressive, so she went outside the gate of her fenced yard, and shut the gate behind her out of fear.

Deputies say the daughter then drew the pig’s ire when she stepped in and tried to shoo it out of the yard. The daughter also had to retreat, deputies say, when the hog “tried to get her.”

The daughter told deputies that once they both were out of the yard, the boar then went and urinated all over a pair of her child’s boots, and the floor mats from her vehicle.

The mother told deputies animals at large is an ongoing issue with her neighbor that had been going on for approximately two years, and that she called deputies because she’d called Animal Control multiple times with no lasting results.

Deputies made a report and issued the mother a case number.

Photo: Getty Images

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